Enreader.com makes reading electronic books truly convenient. Now you don't need to be tied up to one device to resume reading your favorite book where you left it off the last time.

You can read your e-books on:

  • any computer - PC or Mac
  • any Android device
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Amazon Kindle web browser
  • any device with Opera Mini web browser
  • Blackberry

Every e-book opens where you left it off the last time because your library is stored on our server. You don't need to install anything - everything works in standard web browsers.

Which E-Books are Supported?

All widely accepted formats that we know of:

txt | rtf | fb2 | epub | lit | mobi

Let us know if we missed a popular format and we'll add it.

Where do I Get the E-Books?

In a search engine you like, type in the name of the book and the format you prefer - for instance, "War and Peace doc" or "War and Peace fb2". Good places to search for e-books is gutenberg.org and ebooks.adelaide.edu.au.

How do I Start Using Enreader.com?

Simply register on Enreader.com or use your Facebook login and start uploading books. It's free. Try it! We are already using it and it is truly convenient.


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