All you need to know

Which E-Book Format is Preferred?

The best results are achieved with lit, epub and fb2 formats - they are especially well suited for reading on electronic devices. The other supported formats work well too although sometimes they contain excessive hyphenation.

What's With the Page Numbers? Why the Parentheses?

The first number is the usual page number you would see if you were to look at a letter-sized hard copy (or an A4-sized hard copy) - this provides a fixed notion of where you are in a book. The second number - the small one - tells you which section of the page you are currently reading - this will vary across devices. The third number (in parentheses) shows you how many pages in this book.

What's the Best Place to Get E-Books?

We find very useful. There are numerous other sources too. Try typing "book title + download" in your favourite search engine and you are sure to find plenty of options.

What are Tags? Why do I Need Them?

Tags allow you to sort the books in your library according to your own criteria. Simply pick a name for a tag and tag the appropriate books with it - some books you might want to tag as "Classics", others as "SciFi", "Poetry", or "Most exciting" - you choose. Conveniently, any e-book can have more than one tag.

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